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Online Tee Times

Online Tee Times

For your convenience, Hillcrest Golf & Country Club allows you to setup your Tee Times online.  Please review the information below before accessing the Tee Times Online System.

  • Please create a profile the 1st time you book a time and log in under that profile each time you book.
  • When making a time for more than 1 player, please put the names of all the other players in your group in the note section at the bottom of the booking form.
  • Times may be made online 24 hours a day up to 6 days in advance beginning at 8:00 am.
  • You will need a valid credit card to book a tee time and guarantee your reservation.
  • Any nonmember who lives within 10 miles of Hillcrest must play with a member and can only play 2 times per calendar year.
  • The course description indicates any restrictions on that tee time.  "No Juniors" means that anyone high school age or below must be accompanied by an adult during those times.
  • All fees are due upon arrival at the course. See the Golf Fees page for all fees.  All players must register in the Pro Shop prior to play.  Each player must have his own set of clubs and bag.
  • Please call 605-665-4621 during business hours to cancel if you are unable to make your tee time.  If cancellations are not made prior to the day booked, the credit card holder may be held responsible for the applicable posted full price fees for all players booked, with the credit card being automatically charged.  Please understand that failure to cancel your reservation without proper notice denies Hillcrest the opportunity to offer that reservation to another customer.  Your cooperation in this matter will make for a better golfing experience for everyone.
  • It is the decision of Hillcrest to determine if the golf course is unfit for play due to weather.  Future forecasts do not constitute reason for "no shows."  No shows will be the responsibility of the credit card holder as well.
  • While every best effort is made to honor all reservations as is, Hillcrest reserves the right to amend any reservation when legitimate, unforeseen circumstances arise including but not limited to inclement weather, unscheduled (required) golf course maintenance and other unplanned events.  In most cases, our customers will be notified in advance of any unscheduled changes.
  • It should be the goal of all players to complete their round in less than four hours.  This amount of time will be more than adequate, provided all players remain aware of the need to play without delay.  It is each group's responsibility to be observant of its position on the course and keep pace.  Please play ready golf for the enjoyment of all golfers.
  • Play will be administered on the course in traditional groups of four or less.  Groups of five will only be permitted on the course before May 1st and after October 1st with prior approval from the golf shop.  Groups of less than four players will be paired up to make as many foursomes as possible.
  • Rental Carts
  • Available on a first come first serve basis.  Please indicate how many carts you will need when making your tee time.
  • Each operator of a golf cart must be 16 and have a valid driver's license.
  • Cart path only around all tees and greens.
  • Keep all carts at least 15 yards from greens and tees where there is no path.
  • Please observe cart directional signage.
  • Only 2 bags and 2 riders per cart.
  • Rain checks
  • Rain checks are based on number of holes completed.
  • Rain checks will be issued for applicable golf fees.
  • Rain checks will be issued for inclement weather only.  (Rain, lightning, etc.)  Rain checks will not be issued due to darkness.
  • Rain checks will expire 60 days from issuance.
  • Rain checks are issued as a cash value to be redeemed for applicable golf fees only.
  • There are NO refunds or credits.
  • Keep all carts at least 15 yards from greens and tees where there is no path.
  • Please observe cart directional signage.
  • Only 2 bags and 2 riders per cart.
  • Please refrain from using cellular phones while on the golf course
  • South Dakota state law mandates no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto a licensed account, therefore, no carry on beverages or coolers are permitted.  Only food and beverages purchased at the facility may be taken onto the golf course.  All alcohol purchased at the facility must remain at the facility.

Don't forget to visit our Golf Rules page for important rules not listed above

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