Golf Rules

Golf Rules & Regulations

Hillcrest’s Golf Rules & Regulations are meant to allow everyone an enjoyable round of golf at our beautiful Country Club.  Help us keep our Country Club a place where members enjoy a relaxing round of golf!

Slow Play – At Hillcrest we play READY GOLF. Don’t worry about who’s away, when you arrive at your ball hit without delay. The average 18 hold round should take 4 hours or less. Repeated occurrences will be dealt with by the Board of Directorys.
Summer rules will be played by all members unless posted otherwise by Golf Professional.
Always play without delay. Let faster groups play through..
Any member desiring to entertain a golfing guest must sign for his guest at the Pro Shop and pay green fees. Green Fees entitle the guest to full use of all club facilities for the entire day. Non-members living within a 10 mile radius of Hillcrest may only play two times per year and must be accompanied by a member (eligible events don’t count towards the 2 times played).
All 9 & 18 hole scores must be posted by each individual golfer. (Exception: Tournament scores will be posted by the Golf Committee). The Golf Committee will audit all handicaps and postings. Please post all of your scores. Golf is a game of honor.
Adjust all scores according to USGA’s Equitable Stroke Control.
No groups larger than foursome are allowed on the course at any time between May 1 and October 1, except tournament, scheduled events and approval by the PGA Golf Professional. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. (No exceptions including Thursdays.) Proper golf attire will be determined by the golf professional or staff. Men must wear a sleeved shirt at all times, no tank tops.
Metal spikes are prohibited on golf course and its practice areas. Please see the Pro Shop to have your current shoes switched to an alternative “soft” spike if you have not already done so.
Tee Times – Starting times greatly facilitate play and aid in providing better club care service. Tee times may be made ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Exception: Thursday tee times may not be made until the Thursday night drawing (the 1st Thursday in April through the 1st Thursday in October) or the Friday before. Anyone late for their tee time on men’s day will be ineligible for that evenings tee time drawing. The group will be required to tee off on time if another group is not at the tee ready to tee off. If a group fails to tee off on time and causes a delay, the entire group will be ineligible for that evenings tee time drawing. For the Thursday game, a player that must join his group late, may complete the missed holes with his group at the next available tee time following their round.
All golfers must have their own set of clubs – no more than one player out of 1 bag.
All golf cars shall follow all cart paths and signs. Keep ALL golf cars at least 15 YARDS FROM GREENS and tees where there is no path.
Rake bunkers, REPLACE DIVOTS, and REPAIR ALL BALL MARKS. The USGA recommends that rakes be left outside of the bunkers.
Must be 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license to drive a rental cart. No one under 14 years of age will be permitted to drive a private golf cart unless accompanied by a parent. Those under 18 must have a valid learners permit or license and are required to pass a mandatory cart class before operating private carts unaccompanied by a parent.
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